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How to Create an Instagram Business Account for Business

How to Create an Instagram Business Account for Business – If you are running a business, you are definitely looking for ways to promote the business. You might be able to rent billboards, make brochures or posters. But there are easier ways to promote your business products. Namely by using an online shop.

Online Shop is now an easy choice for those of you who want to start a business. You simply use the existing internet service.

Currently there are many platforms that are used as places to buy and sell online. With these various platforms the whole process of buying and selling is easier to do.

Not only this special trading platform that can be used as a ‘stall’ for your business. Social media that you normally use everyday can also be used as a tool to promote your business.

One popular social media used is Instagram. Like Facebook, Instagram also allows you to open a business account on its services.

With an Instagram business account you can easily reach potential business customers. Instagram business has several features that are not owned by a personal Instagram account. Because basically Instagram business is made for business purposes.

Here are some of the main features of the business Instagram:

Content Insight

This feature shows activity and involvement in your posts and stories. Here you can see your posts and stories sorted by coverage, impressions, involvement, likes, followers, comments, save, and profile visits.

This is useful information for you to measure which posts work well, find out why, and imitate them.

Activity Insights

Activity Insights includes interactions and discoveries. This interaction section will show you the actions taken on your profile for the past week. Like profile visits and the number of clicks on the link you specified.

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The number of clicks on a button such as calls, emails or maps will also be displayed here. The “Discovery” section will show you how many accounts have been reached and the number of impressions (how many times your posts were viewed, including repeated views with the same account) that your profile received during the past week.

Audience Insights

This feature shows demographic information about your followers. With a business account, you can see the age distribution and gender of your followers, and the top location where the users involved with your page came from.

There is a section that shows the average time and days of the week your followers are on Instagram on weekdays. This insight can be used to plan what and when you should post to get the best number of visits.

Achieve Local Audience Properly

You might get potential customers on Instagram, if they see your business profile, they will easily contact you. With your business profile you have the ability to add a call-to-action (CTA) feature to your business profile.

Later, on your profile between bio and posts, you can display the call button or call, email, and address of your business. This feature will bring visitors to the original call screen on their mobile and can directly contact you, connect with email, and the option to open Maps that shows the address of your business place.

The Instagram search column can also be set according to the place where the user is located so users can search for business accounts that are close to them.

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To take advantage of this, you can specify categories for your business. Categories can be things like: dentists, hair salons, clothing stores, shoe stores, restaurants, design services, photographers, and more. The categories that you set will allow your business to appear in relevant local searches.

How to Create an Instagram Business Account

  1. Log in to your Instagram application. If you previously have an Instagram account for your business that has not been converted to a Business Account, you can use it and convert it. But if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can just create a new account. Choose a username that clearly represents your business, like the name of your business.
  2. Change to business profile. After logging in to your Instagram account, go to the Profile section. From your profile, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose then tap to switch to the business profile. Because Instagram is integrated with Facebook, your Business Account must have a Facebook page to switch to a business profile. You can first create a Facebook page on your Facebook account. But if you already have a Facebook page for your business, you only need to connect it to switch to Instagram business.
  3. Your Instagram account has been successfully converted as a Business Account.
  4. Create an Informative and Interesting Profile. Add profile photos, biographies, and links to your website.
  5. You can use the hashtag to promote your product, this method is powerful enough to capture the audience. Besides that, make posting content as attractive as possible. It can be by uploading instagramable photos or uploads with attractive designs. That way the audience will be interested in visiting your account.

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